Frequently Asked Questions

"Do you actually manufacture your own window screens?"

A: "Yes. We fabricate our own screens from scratch at our own facility right here in Tampa, Florida."

"What is the turnaround time once I order my screens online from your web site ?"

A: "Typically you will probably have your new window screens within 7-10 working days after we receive payment."

"Do you have a minimum order?"

A: "No. You may order as many or as few window screens as you need."

"What form of payment do you accept?"

A: "You may pay for your screens using Visa, Mastercharge, Discover or American Express. You may also pay with Paypal       if you have already have an existing account with them."

"Do I need a PayPal account to pay for my screen order?"

A: "No. Once we email your invoice to you, there will be a link in the email directing you to our PayPal payment gateway.      Once you are at the payment gateway, you will have the option to pay with either a credit card or with a PayPal account."

"How will my new window screens be shipped?"

A: "We ship directly from our Tampa, Florida facility via UPS Ground Service."

"I live in Tampa, can I come to your warehouse and order my screens?"

A: "No. Our facility is not open to the public and all sales are done over the internet."

"Do you take telephone orders?"

A: "No. Orders are taken through our easy online order form only. Our telephone number is for information only."

"Do you ship outside of the United States?"

A: "No. Our window screens are only shipped within the United States."

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